Relaunch of my Blog

This year 2022 I have made a commitment to this Blog. I have had as they say “fits and starts” since 2014. Back then I was lucky enough to have a talented intern from LaSalle University by the name of Alex Miller. Alex set up this WordPress platform, edited copy, and engineered recordings. In this article I will talk about the relaunch of my blog.

Picture of a Space Shuttle launch as rocket blasts through the clouds
The Shuttle was a reusable space vehicle capable being relaunched many times

Encouragement from a friend to write a weekly column

Roughly five years ago, Jim Monaghan my high school friend, began a weekly Sports podcast. I have to give him credit, he gets high grades for consistently posting a quality show with quality content. Here is a link his latest show: .

In the recent years, Jim’s brother Stephen Monaghan joined the production, and now they broadcast as Sports with Mono and Mono. It is MonO instead of MonA, because their hometown friends from Oakland New Jersey tagged Jim and his brothers with the “O” back in the day. MONO it is! I learned this Monaghan trivia because Jim pointed it out in his relaunch blog article, “Rookie-Writer.”

Mono plus Mono equals 41 Sportscasting Families

I googled “sportscaster brothers” and found this article identifying 40 plus sports casting families; It is an interesting list of families, and now I am happy to say that there are 41 sportscasting families in the business.

Blood Harmony

In singing they call it “Blood Harmony.” When you watch, you will see their show has a cadence and flow that only two brothers can pull off. They do; keep things interesting, talk on a variety of subjects, and give an historical perspective. They don’t; step in front of each other, belabor a point, and don’t argue at length when they disagree with each other.

Now it is my turn to relaunch

Jim and I where on the phone trading thoughts ideas, and I said Jim if you have a blog why don’t try writing a weekly column. And a few weeks later, Jim is writing a regular column. And his response to me is in so many words, is hey Eric where is Blog and weekly column?

So here is my second weekly column. And in this column as I announce my relaunch I have decided on focusing on “lifestyle” businesses. I look forward to working with Dr. Jeffrey Alstete and his colleagues in academia to explore and refine this topic. In the coming weeks I will be reviewing their important contributions to this space.

Tell me how I can help you

I want to help my fellow brother and sister business people launch a successful endeavor.

I believe people can actually have a “life” and a good and fulfilling life if they are in business for themselves. And many of these good things are not necessarily financial or monetary, but intangible. We will explore these intangible benefits in future article.

In the meantime please email me at with your thoughts, ideas and comments. Thank you for reading my Blog.

Eric Ten Broeck

Gary Brooker, the passing of

A picture of a bass and treble clef
This treble clef reminds me of a pin Gary would wear on his lapel when performing

I heard about Mr. Brooker from a friend’s podcast

I was listening to Jim and Stephen Monaghan’s weekly show “Sports with Mono and Mono,” when I learned of the passing of Gary Brooker.

But it was when he performed “Salty Dog” I was struck with the thought that when this performer, Gary Brooker sang on stage he sounded even better then his famous well produced and well engineered recordings.

Eric Ten Broeck

Here is a link to their show streamed live on Feb 26, 2022 wherein Jim makes his remarks toward the end of the podcast.

As a youngster my exposure to Procol Harum was only through the New York City F.M. Radio. Most notably, stations WNEW WPIX and WPLJ. I did not own any Procol Harum records back then, that came later in life when I gave my son Alex a turntable record player for his eighth grade graduation present, and he and I began collecting classic rock vinyl and cassette tapes at garage sales, flea markets and even the West Chester Pennsylvania Salvation Army record bin.

As a result of our endeavors, Alex became a huge Yes fan, especially a fan of bassist and singer the late Chris Squire, and I became reacquainted with many of the classic rock and roll records and artists including Procol Harum.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania it was Mr. Booker’s night

It was in the spring of 2012, we learned that Yes was playing at the Casio in Bethlehem Pennsylvania with most of their original line up, sans singer Jon Anderson. Procol Harum was their opener. I bought tickets for Alex, Christopher (my other son) and myself.

Yes was the headliner but, quite frankly, it should have been the other way around. The Yes performance was not as good as expected. For instance, they played only a few of their classics. Moreover Gary Brooker and his Procol Harum band out shined and outperformed the famous band Yes.  A totally unexpected surprise.

Among my Procol Harum favorites that evening were “Whiter shade of pale” and “Simple Sister.”

But it was when he performed “Salty Dog” I was struck with the thought that when this performer, Gary Brooker sang on stage he sounded even better then his famous well produced and well engineered recordings.

Here is a Youtube link to Salty Dog:

In conclusion – This was a profound experience. And when it comes to relating experiences like these, as a writer I have difficulty. Here is a list of my impressions of that evening:

  • This was possibly one of the best vocal performances I have ever heard.
  • If I was the sound engineer tasked with recording this show live, what would I do to ensure I captured the essence of this great performance?
  • This was a rare occasion where the opener outshines the headliner.
  • What a happy man I was to have spent the evening with my two sons in June of 2021.

Lastly, Mr. Brooker thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Thank you for that wonderful evening of music in Bethlehem Pennsylvania almost 10 years ago. May your soul rest in peace.

Eric Ten Broeck